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The Fever is proud to be West Georgia’s #1 Rated Studio since 2012!

Fever offers multiple levels of training. Whether you desire to take the competitive track, training anywhere from 6-12 hours a week; or you prefer to take a recreational approach, taking only class once a week; we can find the perfect fit for you!

Not only does Fever specialize in dance classes, but we are proud to offer Acro/Tumbling, adult classes, vocal training, & acting! There is so much under one roof for you to choose from! 

Fever is highly active in our community. From volunteering time in our local schools: bringing dance education to all ages of children; to giving back at our local businesses by performing or offering workshops! We long to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients, students, & the West Georgia community!

In our 11thseason, we implemented the special needs program, “Let Your Light Shine”. With an enormously positive response to this class, we look forward to working hand in hand with our local special needs educators and program advisors to continue to build a lasting program at our studio, one that involves every child, reflecting that dance is for everyone.

There has never been a better time to join the Fever family. We are in a new location which puts us in the heart of Carrollton! We are growing rapidly and as the growth takes place, it opens many doors for new opportunities that both parents and students can take advantage of!

Do you have something in mind that Fever can help with? Feel free to contact us! From field trips to birthday parties, a couples first dance at their wedding, to a flash mob for a fundraising event, we have someone that can help bring your performance ideas to life!


The Fever Performing Arts offers professional dance training in a professional facility and caring environment. It is difficult to know if a dance studio is teaching quality training. We hope that the following information will be helpful and informational for you while you are choosing a dance studio.

  • Competitive pricing with professional training
  • Family-oriented atmosphere
  • Highly qualified and trained instructors
  • Convenient location
  • Payment options
  • Professional sprung dance floors and sound systems
  • No segregation in the recreational dancers & competitive dancers for weekly technique class
  • Proper student to teacher ratio
  • Spacious lobby geared for the dancers seating. Food and homework breaks highly encouraged… and don’t worry. There’s wifi!
  • Front desk staff available for customer questions
  • Optional fundraising available to help with costs
  • An unbeatable show that you will truly enjoy. We pride ourselves on putting together more than just a “dance recital”

The Fever has a professional flooring system made of a sprung sub-floor and a Marley top-floor. A sprung floor is extremely important in any dance studio or theater that will be used regularly. Since jumping is a major part of dancing, if done consistently on a hard floor, it can cause long term physical problems in the hips, knees, shins, ankles, and feet. A sprung sub-floor is made of foam pads and a thin wooden frame under plywood to allow the floor to give on impact and sink slightly with the dancer as he/she lands from a jump. The Marley top-floor is a vinyl overlay that functions as the actual dance surface, and is not slippery. This is especially important once dancers reach the advanced level of ballet and are dancing on pointe. A marley floor is smooth and will not splinter like a wooden floor.

Since proper dance technique is extremely important, correct technique must be taught from the beginning of a dancer’s training through the advanced level to prevent possible injury from executing dance movements incorrectly. We teach all of our classes with the focus of emphasizing classical technique, while still teaching artistry in dance. We teach about the body and how it works with movement. Posture and alignment is a huge topic, making sure that students are not injuring themselves while dancing.

Due to this focus, you will find many of our class styles go hand in hand with pre-requisite classes. We feel in order to properly train in certain styles of dance, you must partner this with the proper foundation and principals of coinciding technique.

Our Hip Hop classes incorporate fun, contemporary dance moves with traditional, common steps. In any style of dancing, it is very important to learn the language of dance. In order to be a successful dancer, you must be able to speak and understand the dance language. If you can understand the definition, your body will be able to perform the step correctly.

Terminology is taught in each of our classes, and is stressed to prepare dancers for opportunities to perform that will come from outside of our dance studio, such as dance companies, college, and even professional performance auditions. Students are also taught creativity, improvisation, anatomy, and much more!

There are a few answers for this question.

  • Our current location does not offer the option to install a viewing window with the current layout of all dance rooms. Because of this, the staff and students have just gotten used to it.
  • After 14 seasons and conducting much observation on classes both with and without parent interaction; as a whole, we find the dancer’s engage with their teacher better and the focus of the entire room can direct towards one person talking, watching, and conducting.
  • We do offer “Parent Observation Week” a couple times a year and we highly encourage the family to get involved!

Meet Our Staff

Nichole Cook

Nichole Cook is the Director and  Owner of The Fever Performing Arts.

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Megan Rogers

Megan is the Jazz Instructor for the Fever Performing Arts

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Bailynn Ingram

Bailynn is one of the Administrative Assistant for the Fever Performing Arts

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Iris Brimm

Iris is one of the Administrative Assistant and Tumble Instructor for the Fever Performing Arts.

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Katelyn Brown

Katelyn Brown is one of the Acting Instructor

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Emma Harris

Emma is one of the Acting Instructor for the Fever Performing Arts

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Jeremy Hunter

Jeremy is the Hip Hop Instructor for the Fever Performing Arts

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Gwyn Goodwin

Gwyn is the Ballet Instructor for the Fever Performing Arts

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Brooke Hatch

Brooke is the Tap Instructor for the Fever Performing Arts

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Crystal Robins

Crystal is the Lyrical Instructor for the Fever Performing Arts

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Alysha Jeffers

Alysha  is the head of the Preschool Program for the Fever Performing Arts 

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Lilianna Stoughton

Lilianna is one of the Baby  Instructor for the Fever Performing Arts

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Anna Claire Pilgrim

Anna Claire is one of the Baby Instructors for the Fever Performing Arts

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Abbie Cook

Abbie is one of the Baby Instructors for the Fever Performing Arts 

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